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A marketplace that helps users find professionals based on honest reviews, such as a plumber, a nanny, or a handyman; and workers who need to find a job can easily find the right gig for them
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A European business portal that combines opportunities for investment transactions, business purchases and sales, and franchising. Additional features of the portal allow you to find specialists or order a separate service for preparing information about an investor (business) before assisting in transactions.

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App development steps


We will be happy to discuss it at a meeting or remotely - by phone or Zoom. Perhaps we will have something to add to your idea in order to make the mobile application more interesting to a wide audience or more functional for you.



App development will only start after we come to full agreement on terms, technical tasks, and costs. All of this will be spelled out in the official contract, where we will also indicate for which devices the application will be created - for Android and/or iOS.


At the stage of discussing the idea and signing the contract, we will discuss with you 90% of the important points necessary for the development of a mobile application. But for both the programmer and the designer, it will be necessary to prepare a detailed technical task and a prototype. A prototype is a visual graphic representation of how the application will look without a color scheme - only blocks and buttons, as well as a description of the functions they perform.



Based on the information in the prototype, our experienced designer will create the design of the mobile application. It will be based on your wishes and references, the company logo, and corporate identity. In addition, an icon will be designed specifically for your mobile application, which will be displayed on users' devices and in the Google Play and App Store.


This is one of the most difficult and important stages of work, so we break it into several steps. After the end of each step, we will conduct testing and run the results by you.

Building a mobile app takes at least 2 months.



Before launching the app, we always conduct final testing to find errors and bugs. We recommend that you and your company's employees join this effort to test in conditions as close as possible to real world conditions.

At this stage, we will load all the necessary data, and conduct a full test of the functionality.



When we have fully completed the development and testing of your mobile application, and you approve it as ready for launch, we will upload it to Google Play and the App Store so that any user can buy it or download it for free.

Together with adding a description and account creation, this stage can take up to 2 weeks.



We don't stop at the delivery of a mobile application. If you need updates and improvements, we will do it under an additional contract.


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