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Brokerage services

Business Brokerage. Mergers & Acquisitions. Business Valuations. Franchise Marketing & Sales. Business Planning & Consultation.

Attracting investments

Our services include a range of activities, from the formulation of an investment strategy to obtaining the required financing.
Business sale services
Assistance in selling a business, valuation, legal support, finding clients.
Pitch deck development
Development of design and structure for a specific market. Preparation of materials and their adaptation for international markets.
Solutions for Startups
8 years of work with startups, consulting, attracting investments, scaling the project.
Business plan development
From the business analysis and discovery phase
to the last button that creates User Experience.
Creating a Franchise

Get a professional expert assessment of your company's readiness for franchising.

Advanced Business Brokers specializes in brokering privately-owned businesses in Israel. We will confidentially handle services required to buy or sell a business including advising on exit planning strategy, business valuation, and more. We provide our clients with the highest standards of professional service and unmatched performance.
Business brokers in Israel cover many different services, including merger and takeover advisory services, business valuation, franchise marketing and sales, strategic business planning and advisory services. Professional business brokers will assist you in business valuation, deliver new deals, and prepare M&A documentation. Not only can they help you find suitable cases, but they also provide market analysis, risk analysis, and competitive analysis. Business brokers solve problems related to business strategy planning. They will provide professional advice on various matters such as legal matters, strategic marketing and sales matters, financial decisions and others. They have led to stable business growth and improved business processes. Business brokers can also help you set up an effective marketing and sales system that is likely to bring you high levels of profit.